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Bottom line: Wesley really came through for my family.

I had an AC unit that was at the end of its life (condenser blowing run caps) in the middle of summer and I called several AC businesses to discuss my problem. Wesley was one of them that I called, mainly because he had several positive feedback from many posters from a local forum. I got right through to Wesley and he was extremely nice and knowledgeable. Wesley helped me troubleshoot my problem over the phone, but I was surprised when he ended up coming by the house later (at no cost) that evening and got my system up and running and provided some very insightful information to keep it going through the summer. I knew that my 11 year old AC system wouldn’t last long from a previous inspection (degrading coils and condenser) so I had Wesley provide a quote for a complete replacement. He gave me 3 quotes of differing cost and efficiency.

At the end of summer when my AC finally quite for good, I got 2 more quotes for replacement and compared those quotes to what I had gotten from Wesley. It ended up that Wesley’s was much more competitive than the others, and that was for a name brand unit as well. Certainly have him give you a quote, you’ve got nothing to lose.

On the day of installation, Wesley’s crew showed up on time and had the entire system replaced in 3 hours. His crew layed down a ton of drop cloths and took a lot of care transporting the old unit out of the house and the new unit in. He used a new cable hanging system that allows the inside unit to sit on extruded bar and not hang like my previous unit. He even upgraded my thermostat/controller when he discovered that the old one was covering a large hole in the wall and the new one wouldn’t cover the hole adequately. Wesley even sat down with me and assisted in filling out the online warranty and registration.

When the city inspector came by, he complimented Wesley’s install work. I’m sure inspectors see a lot of AC units and to get a compliment just re-enforced my decision to go with Wesley.

Chris Loehrlein

Great Guy… Wonderful service.

Sharon Lobb

Awesome service love it very good service always on time.

Jose Luis Avendaño
Dallas, TX

Wesley is a stand-up guy. I had 5 ton unit on its last dying breath. Other providers wanted to replace my entire cooling and heating system. Wesley figured out how to replace only what really needed to be replaced at a better price. I still had him price out replacing my entire system and that was cheaper also. Will 100% work with Wesley again in the future. I highly recommend him.

Aaron Seligman

I’ve used Wesley a couple of times. Once for maintenance checkup and another time to repair an issue with the outdoor AC unit. He was very professional and knowledgeable. I was pleased with the outcome and have recommended him to friends.

April Coronado

Very honest guy! He actually tries to save you money. Had him out today.

Leonard Johnson Jr.

I highly recommend Wesley Ramirez, he will give you an honest opinion as to the service that you need on whether to replace the system. He is always my first call.

Bob Weaver

I had my evaporator coil and condenser replaced this past May when my compressor finally died. As my compressor used the older R-22 refrigerant, I had to replace the evaporator coil as well since the system needed to be upgraded to the new standards.

I received several quotes and Mr. Ramirez was very reasonably priced and worked within my budget. He gave me several options on how to upgrade.

The installation was done in a timely manner and the quality of the install was excellent. I am very pleased with the end result. The work area was also cleaned up and left better in better condition than it started.

I would use him again for my HVAC needs.

Stephen Dukich

Wesley is a great guy! He’s reliable, on time and his work is always top notch. Highly recommended!

Greg McCoy

Personable. Tells you exactly what they are going to do and why. Does what is necessary, no hard up sells. Reasonable prices. Definitely a repeat customer going forward!

Chad Bullock